We work directly with only the best hospitality venues in Orlando and New York City.

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The restaurant business is one of the toughest industries to keep the doors open. There are plenty of places with good food, service and ambience. So how do you separate your establishment from the rest?



6/10 customers choose a restaurant by word of mouth.
3/10 choose by online reviews.
1/10 choose by an Ad, Signage or Drive-by.


Increase your 5 Star reviews = more personal recommendations.
Increase your revenue, social media presence and customer retention.
Reduce your customer acquisition cost.

My name is Adam Lowery, I am the President of The Residuals Group, and we are Hospitality Marketing Engineers. Our knowledge of the technical tactics such as targeted ads, geofencing, geo-tracking, funnel creation and management are the engineering in our marketing. Yes, we make creative content, but that’s kids stuff. We bring a full spectrum of hospitality marketing to your table.

As soon as we speak we will have started! Request a free consultation right now.

We are hands-on Marketing Engineers. You will see us at your location multiple days a week. We will be there speaking with customers, staff and managers for research and to create creative content.


1st: We run an analysis on your current marketing strategies, including social media to determine effectiveness and ROI. We cut what isn’t working, and we save you money right from the start.
2nd: We determine who your customer really is through a full demographic work up, research and analysis.
3rd: We customize and implement a marketing strategy more accurately targeting your customers. This will reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your ROI.
4th: We create a functional funnel: Email with A/B testing, targeted ads, website and app analytics, then reform strategy where necessary, and redeploy with even more precision
5th: We will increase your 5 star reviews, but I can’t tell you how…yet.
6th: We will produce, host and grow a podcast, and live stream show targeting your customer with precision. This creates timeless, engaging, entertaining and INFORMATIVE content. Telling your story allows your customers to identify with your place; the who, what and why…the meaning and more.
7th: We produce a custom monthly or weekly event aligned with your vision and customer to acquire new, and retain current customers. These are not your typical events. This is NOT Ladies Night redundancy.
These marketing tactics are necessary for a venue to survive and thrive in today’s world. If used poorly it will damage your brand, waste money and lose potential customers. If not used at all, you are stifling growth, and missing the boat to the new world of marketing.
X. Hire a large company that offers social media management, but you will just be another client on their long list. More than likely, once you sign you’ll never see them again, if you see them at all. They do not create the content, give your marketing personality, a podcast, live streaming or event production and hosting. Do NOT give away your brand because you think it is just easier.
XX. You could also hire your friend or family, but you know how it is working with family and friends. Will they take it as seriously as you need them to? And no one wants to fire a friend or family.
XXX. You could handle the marketing yourself, or require one of your managers to handle it. If done correctly and effectively it is a job unto itself. One of your, or their responsibilities WILL suffer. Either your service, management or your marketing.


Request a free consultation right now. We are selective with whom we work with because our reputation depends on your product and service. They must be something we can get behind. The product matters. Your venue is your vision that you have turned into a reality, and the world should experience it. This is what we do for you.


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