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You may be asking yourself, What does Cognitive Rampage mean? Purposefully we have not defined it. If you did question, and you are now here…you may just be ready to start living yours. The first step to cultivating your authentic Cognitive Rampage is to question your concrete beliefs. Question then social constructs and norms humbly for competence. These experiences will fill you with an enthusiastic wisdom. Define your authentic Cognitive Rampage right now, today…because no one else can.


New Books Coming

TCR Audiobook Oct.'16

Read by Adam Lowery (The Author), and because of this, there are some ad-lib additions not in the printed or Kindle versions. Adam also leaves a very candid message to the listeners also not included in the print and Kindle versions. Download the TCR audio book beginning Oct 2016 on this website, iTunes and or Audible.

Hacking Motivation, streamlining the science of motivation Dec '16
Dr. Bobby Hoffman and Adam Lowery are co-authoring a book “Hacking Motivation” releasing December 2016. Dr. Hoffman is a motivation expert, author, professor and researcher. Go to the Hacking Motivation YouTube page to watch The Myths of Motivation, and soon, Motivation Hacks to streamline the science of motivation into your life, work and relationships.
Chemical Incarceration, Addicted to the Process Mar. '17
Adam’s second solo book is more of a manifesto. Due out in documentary film form in May ’17, it details the corrupted and corrosive design of government funded addiction treatment facilities today. What is falsely referred to as “proper treatment’, has been a catalyst to the manifestation and perpetuation of the prescription drug epidemic. Adam’s experiences both as a patient, and a therapist trapped in this process, and the new research emerging, all collide in this revealing look into addiction treatment today, and tomorrow. This investigative and jaw dropping book and film unveils the atrocities, corruption and lies coming from today’s disease model and pharmacological core approach to addiction treatment. “They are purposefully creating customers for life.” says Adam. So we asked in the film if, why and how this happened, and why it continues to be the norm? We reveal personal stories of people trapped in today’s people processing plants being blindly funded by the Government despite a miserable recovery rate, and the epidemic of prescription pill addiction spreading more rapidly than ever. “This is not a process of treatment, but a process corruptly designed to make customers for life for big pharma and hundreds of privately owned treatment facility millionaires.” A statement Adam continues to take criticism for, but he continues to tell this story because it needs to be told, and will be told. “People think they are doing the right thing sending off their loved ones to rehab through destructive intervention processes. It is what they have been told is proper treatment.”-Adam Lowery
The Killing Fields, Athletes Depression May '17
Adam has been talking about Athletes Depression for years. He has claimed that this should be an actual diagnosis within the Diagnostic Statistic Manual for mental health disorders or the DSM. Describing an different etiology as compared to the differential (and most currently related) diagnosis of Identity Dissociative Disorder. Adam states that being raised as an athlete from childhood to early adulthood or as far as professional sets the stage and makes an individual 50% more likely to experience severe symptomatic mental health issues. The manifestation of Athletes Depression contains a common cycle of misdiagnosis. When dealing with an individual that since adolescences has been trained to value self by performance, and by doing so has developed a very resistive nature or cognitive dissonance toward perceived weakness, in this sense categorized by the existing social stigma surrounding mental health. This resistive training if you will, means most athletes do not seek mental health help. The lengthy exposure to hyper vigilant and highly rewarding states conditions the body and mind to need, and to continue seek and many times create environments that will return the individual to these states. In short, a cycle begins to emerge and many times begins with the first diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, and eventually leading to a Bipolar diagnosis/misdiagnosis. When in reality the athlete is, has been and will continue to cycle this way due to “Athletes Depression”, NOT bipolar disorder.

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast (TCR)

We are passionately and enthusiastically chasing competence through human connection and sharing. Host Adam Lowery aims not only to reveal the competencies of the guests, but to discover what experiences, moments and stories shaped the life philosophy and cultivated the person behind the wisdom. The intention is to extract the marrow of the mind and launch the guest into their Cognitive Rampage!

Adam is mental health Author, trained mental health Counselor, pronounced Speaker, cerebral Podcaster, Film Maker, and passionate treatment and addiction Activist. He shares openly his life, as he transparently lives on The Cognitive Rampage. He is the Founder of Dollar Mental Health Club, a wellness group changing the way you take care of you, and The Tribe of Change, a social media group changing the way we move and grow together in this world.

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Recent Episode

TCR #94: Athletes Depression

TCR #94: Athletes Depression

Guest Naudi Aguilar, Founder of Functional Patterns draws mental health impacts to the environment created by Crossfit, mentioning also the physical risks and damage overtime, as Adam sees issues with having developing children performing Crossfit in school.
This eventually led Adam to reveal his claim from many years ago to what he has dubbed “Athletes Depression”. He ends up announcing his third solo book due out in May in full title and description, even explaining the differential diagnosis etiology as it relates directly to athletes and their higher risk of developing serious and severe mental health issues, many times becoming worse overtime due to misdiagnosis.

The Cognitive Rampage, a dose of authentic revelation by Adam Lowery

Available on Amazon and Kindle. Audio book releases in October!

Mental Training with Adam Lowery

8 Mental Training Workouts: Decisions, Anger, Performance, Guilt and Grief, Career, Relationship, Communication and Parenting Workouts HERE Mental Training in a paradigm shift in mental health.

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