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My name is Adam Lowery. I am a trained Mental Health Counselor, Author of mental health books, Host of this podcast, and a Mental Trainer specializing in the mental health of athletes, while also taking an activist role in addiction treatment reform. I founded the term and diagnosis “Athletes Depression”, and a new integrative psychological approach Transrational Structural Behavior Theory (TSBT). I speak, or Cognitively Rampage publicly on all the above and other related topics.


The Books

The Cognitive Rampage:

A dose of authentic revelation by Adam Lowery

Print & Kindle version available on Amazon now. Audio book releases Jan ’17
TCR Audiobook releases Jan '17

Read by Adam Lowery (The Author), and because of this, there are some ad-lib additions not in the printed or Kindle versions. Adam also leaves a very candid message to the listeners also not included in the print and Kindle versions. Download the TCR audio book beginning Jan 2017 on this website, iTunes and or Audible.

Are you ready to question self? Do you want lasting change? Are you ready to reveal your authentic self? Change is only “hard” if you perceive it to be. If you want to change, or optimize your life, discover hidden passions, learn how to make choices in life easy, reduce toil, anxiety, depression, regret and shame all while you cultivate who you really are, or if you simply enjoy being challenged for growth, then this book is for you!

The Cognitive Rampage is the application of Transrational Structure Behavior Theory (TSBT), a method that can be applied not just to optimize and challenge your present, but also to beat any addiction; Food, work, bad relationships, social status, and even self-sabotage can be addictions creating SYMPTOMS of anger, drug overuse, depression and anxiety. This book and method treats the person, not the symptoms. This is just the beginning of your mental training.

Stop saying you have to find yourself. Go look into the mirror. There you are! Now that you have found yourself, it is time to use yourself again. Your authentic self. This book collides the latest cognitive, behavioral, environmental, structural and social psychologies and research today. The application is not cookie cutter method of steps to follow. This is a custom and personalized how to. This is a framework for you to build your authentic change on your beliefs, not empty words of motivational spin. The Cognitive Rampage is based in science, not fluff.  Your choices will individualize your own authentic path through this contextual journey. This book is an experience. A path of words to help you unleash your desired change, to build a yearning for the challenge and competence. Only then will you cultivate your authentic self, and begin to live Your Cognitive Rampage!

“Reveal Your Cognitive Rampage and you won’t have to find purpose. Purpose will find you.” -Adam Lowery

I hope you’re taking care of you! Love you!”
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New Book Coming Soon!

"The Killing Fields, Athletes Depression" by Adam Lowery releases 2017
I experienced Athletes Depression for nearly a decade. After all, I am the theoretical mind behind the revelation of Athletes Depression. I believe this should be an actual diagnosis within the Diagnostic Statistic Manual for mental health disorders (the DSM). Hosting a different etiology as compared to the main misdiagnoses (and most currently related) Bipolar, ADHD, Major Depressive Disorder and even Identity Dissociative Disorder. These are the most popular misdiagnoses related to Athletes Depression. In short, being raised as a high performance athlete from childhood, and playing only as far as high school or college, especially professional, creates a 50-75% increase in the probability the athlete will experience severe symptomatic mental health issues. The manifestation of Athletes Depression contains a similar and unfortunate common etiology that leads to the popular misdiagnoses. Childhood athletes to adults are trained to determine personal value by performance. A form of direct programming to develop being resistive to asking for help. This naturally creates a cognitive dissonance toward any possibility of  perceived weakness, and in this sense I am categorizing the existing social stigma surrounding mental health. Meaning most athletes do not seek mental health help and choose to fight it on their own. Combined with the lengthy exposure to hyper vigilant environments and situations being linked to highly rewarding states, this begins to condition the body and mind to need, continue seek, and in many cases, cause the individual to consciously or unconsciously create hyper-vigilant environments and situations to return the body and mind to these rewarding states. Many times very high risk situations, people and behavior, no matter how risky. In short, a cycle begins to emerge. The hardworking, non fearing, non “weak” athlete fights sometimes and wins for awhile. It may even appear as if they are working to hard, perpetually or manically. Then eventually they lose for various reasons, generally based in emotional choices and reactions. This sets in a “we lost” mindset that can last weeks, months or even years. When value of self has been taught to be measured in performance, depression and severe self judgement begins, and can last lengthy periods of time. The vigilance to which the individual fights the depression many times begins with the first misdiagnosis of ADHD. This overtime combines with severe depressive episodes and other symptomatic issues begin to emerge; addiction, violence and intense anger. Feelings and thoughts as far as self harm repeat. At first, second or even third assessments overtime the criterium appears as if the Bipolar diagnosis is present. In reality the athlete is, has been and will continue to cycle this way due to “Athletes Depression”, NOT bipolar disorder and or ADHD. The manifestation and etiology of Athletes Depression has gone undetected and has indirectly caused countless misdiagnosis to spin athletes and especially x athletes lives seemingly out of control and left with feelings of their mental health struggles being different than any therapist, or especially any partner can understand. They are left on the killing fields alone.

The Podcast

(TCR) The Cognitive Rampage Podcast

TCRLogoPassionately and enthusiastically chasing competence and experience through human connecting, questioning and sharing. I aim not only to reveal the knowledge of the guests for cerebral growth, but to discover what experiences, moments and stories shaped the life philosophy and cultivated the person behind the wisdom. The intention is to extract the marrow of the mind and launch the guest into their Cognitive Rampage!
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TCR #102: Stephen Tonti

TCR #102: Stephen Tonti

TEDx CMU Speaker, writer, director and 102 other titles, Stephen Tonti brings his #ADHD #CognitiveRampage to the show. A man of many parts, we discuss his early childhood diagnosis of ADHD, as well as explore multiple etiologies of mental disorders. Stephen created a different perception of his spectrum of diagnosis,and may be developing a new approach to embracing ADHD to master ADHD.

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Mental Training

Athlete Mental Training: 30 or 60 Minutes

I help keep your life balanced outside the gym, off field & out of the ring. I also help athletes adjust to life after sports, overcome athletes depression & cultivate a new life beyond the sport. Set up an Athlete Mental Training, Coaching or Recovery Session

Athlete Revelations: Athlete Mental Training

I founded Athletes depression and specialize in the mental health of athletes. I focus on and help keep your life balanced outside the gym, off field and out of the ring. I also help athletes adjust to life after sports, overcome athletes depression and cultivate a new life beyond the game. Email to set up an Athlete Mental Training, Coaching or Recovery session. First consultation is free.

Athlete Mental Recovery Session: 60 Minutes

I help athletes adjust to life after sports, overcome injury, athletes depression and or cultivate a life after competition. Email to set up an Athlete Mental Training, Coaching or Recovery session. :15min first consultation is free.

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