My name is Adam Brett Lowery. I am a Mental Health Counselor, Author, Host of The Cognitive Rampage Podcast and a Mental Trainer. I also take an activist role in treatment reform. I founded the diagnosis Athletes Depression, and the integrative psychological approach Transrational Structural Behavior Theory (TSBT). In my heart I am a father, son, brother, friend and humanitarian. In my spirit I am a teacher and protector.

That’s my “Git” Grace or Gracie girl. She is half German Shepard and half Pit Bull and walksabout with me.

Through a emotionally, verbally and sometimes physically violent childhood my only focus was my dream to play Professional Football, but a college injury ended my NFL aspirations. Angry, I chose a life of drug dealing that soon entwined with addiction and violence. I merged into the nightclub business a saw quick success, but drug sells, addiction and violence followed. I kept it masked by money, parties and a facade of BS. One night after a random 16 hour life contemplation session, I ditched my 10 year career as a Nightclub engineer and drug dealer, gave away all my things, broke off a four year relationship and left all my “friends” behind to embark on what became a two year walkabout, or what I now call my Spiritual Rampage.

For years I wandered from the Florida Keys to Tennessee, even a First Nation Reservation in New Mexico. I returned home a man on a mission to change self and help others do the same. Within 4 years I completed 2 degrees, published The Cognitive Rampage, launched a podcast and founded the Athletes Depression diagnosis. I Cognitively Rampage (Speak) on all things mental health, all social issues connected to mental health and athlete specific related mental health.

In my flow time you will find me in the great outdoors. I surf, dive, spearfish, kayak and offshore fish, hike, hunt my food and have survived on a deserted island. If nature isn’t calling, you’ll find me at reggae concerts, music festivals or cooking for friends and family. I have a serious addiction to the minimalist lifestyle, the road, podcasts, competence, new experiences and randomness. I talk to strangers, and too much. I love everybody, including you. A secret about this book; my Life Philosophy is hidden within these pages, just like yours.

I believe uncomfortable is where the change is and I believe in the power of you. I hope you’re taking care of you and living your Cognitive Rampage! Love you! -52

Personal Cognitive Rampage’s from my own meandering in this wildly amazing human experience.

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