A Little Bit More About Me

I always loved the great outdoors as much as I loved football as a kid. My Pops taught me a lot about the woods and water. My main passions are to dive for lobster, kayak fish and spearfish. I’ve caught and hunted my own food since I was a kid and have even survived on a deserted island. If my wife, the family, the comedy clubs or nature isn’t calling, you’ll find me weight training, boxing or kickboxing. Or I may just be sitting on the couch with my wife watching relationship reality TV (she makes me) eating boiled peanuts. I once was a State of Florida chess champion. I almost beat Joe Rogan in a game of pool. I once worked with the Mafia. I’ve been to Federal prison once (they just made a mistake). I have a serious addiction to the ocean, podcasts, sunflower seeds, new experiences and randomness. I talk to strangers, and too much. I am sure you can tell by reading this long story.

To go a little deeper, through a pretty tough upbringing, my only focus was to play professional football. A repeated college injury and me finally realizing I’m not 6’4 250lbs running a 4.4 combined to ended that dream. Feinding for the thrill and the rush the field offered, I chose a life of drug dealing. That life began to entwined with running, buying, and brokering nightclubs and bars. I faced some close legal and life calls living like that. Eventually, and within a 24 hour window, I would leave my tenure year as a “Distribution Specialist and Nightclub Consultant”, my long-term relationship, most of my friends, give away most of my possessions and embarked on a two-year walkabout. I vagabonded from the Florida Keys, to the mountains of Tennessee, even to the “The Rez” in New Mexico. I took odd jobs, mostly ones of hard labor. I met and spoke with some much wiser people from all walks of life. I wrote a lot. I read a lot. I questioned a lot of my own BS; my choices, experiences, and even my perceptions. I even altered my fun-gi(uy) perceptions quite often during this walkabout. Either way, after, I felt I had come home a changed man and I wanted to help others the best I could. My Mom convinced me I could do that. I ended up becoming a Mental Health Counselor, wrote a mental help book, was a guest on…well, you read the beginning if you’re still here. Somehow, all that has led me to Stand-up Comedy. Maybe laughter really is the best medicine?

For more of my thoughts on my own meandering in this wildly amazing human experience…

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