My name is Adam Lowery, and I am focused on cultivating awareness of mental health issues that plague our society today. I do this by sharing my own life experiences transparently, and speaking to an array of individuals who are willing to share their life experiences, competence and philosophies. I founded the integrative approach Transrational Structural Behavior Theory (TSBT). The Cognitive Rampage is the self application of TSBT. I am also credited with the discovery of Athletes Depression.

Through an emotionally, verbally and physically violent childhood my only focus was to play Professional Football. A college injury quickly ended that dream. Angry and still needing the thrill, I chose a life of drug dealing that entwined with quickly entwined with a life of violence. To save my life, I transitioned to the nightclub business and saw quick success. The other life followed closely behind. The misery was masked by money and wild nights. Until one random sixteen hour night I made some drastic choices. I left my ten year club career, a 4 year relationship, all of my friends, gave away my possessions and embarked on a 2 year walkabout.

I vagabonded from the Florida Keys to the mountains of Tennessee, and even lived on “The Rez” in New Mexico. I returned home with a mission. Change self. Helping others was not on my mind. Although, within 4 years I completed 2 degrees, cultivated TSBT, founded the Athletes Depression diagnosis, launched a now iTunes top 10 Podcast in Alternative Health, published the 1st and 2nd Editions of The Cognitive Rampage on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and many others. I speak on all issues connected to our mental health and athlete specific related mental health.

In my flow time you will find me doing stand up comedy or in the great outdoors. I surf, dive, kayak, spear and offshore fish. I’ve caught and hunted my food since I was a child, and I have survived on a deserted island. If nature isn’t calling, you’ll find me training boxing, kick boxing, karate or mma. I enjoy cooking for friends and family, podcasting, playing pool, writing or reading an actual physical book. I have a serious addiction to the ocean, listening to podcasts, new experiences and randomness. I talk to strangers, and too much. I love most people, including you. A secret about my book; my Life Philosophy is hidden within these pages, just like yours.

I believe uncomfortable is where the change is. I believe in the power of you. Love you!

Cognitive Gratitude,

Adam Lowery

Cognitive Rampage’s from my own pondering and meandering in this wildly amazing human experience.

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