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I have been a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, The Addictive Podcast, The Mental Health Warriors Podcast, Young Justice Podcast, ESPN's Fit Project Radio, Mindset Transformations, Mindset Mountain Podcast, the F&K Podcast, and even hosted an ESPN Radio Show. I typically discuss the impacts, ins and outs of the mental health system and treatment and all social issues related. I specialize in athlete related mental health, addiction and life transitions. I founded the "Athlete's Depression" diagnosis, and the newest integrative approach in the field of psychology, Transrational Structural Behavioral Theory.

Appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast!

Guest Appearances and Speaking

"People need real solutions, tactics, methods to AND inspiration. I speak to all generations about all things mental health and life optimization. Teaching psychological tools in an inspirational Cognitive Rampage as I work the crowd with a very interactive approach. I talk about making life changes, self awareness, optimization, performance, passion cultivation, any social issue relating to mental health. and any of my books or theoretical developments; Transrational Structure Behavior Theory (TSBT) and Athletes Depression".

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Other Appearances


Interviewed on ESPN Radio

by Fit Project Radio

The Addictive Podcast with Glen Marshall

Interviewed on Mindset Transformations Radio with Myrna Morris

by Myrna Morris | Mindset Transformations Radio

Interviewed on Young Justice Podcast with Zach Rhoads

by Zach Rhoads | Young Justice Podcast


Adam has hosted for ESPN Radio, Cox Media and at various conferences and events.

ESPN Radio Ep1: Fit Project

by Adam Lowery & Brett Richards

ESPN Radio Ep2: Europa Expo

by Adam Lowery & Brett Richards

ESPN Radio Ep3: Battleground MMA Fight Night

by Adam Lowery & Brett Richards

ESPN Radio Ep4: Supplements and Nutrition

by Adam Lowery & Brett Richards

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