Cognitive Rampage: Session 26

Andrew Miranti an Athlete Performance Enhancement Specialist at T.A.P. Total Athletic Performance in South FL.

Training and teaching the youth of today to be future leaders. He competed in Warrior One and more. He trains top level athletes. He’s writing the book “He Needs”, and he is helping his community, all of this after enduring some sh@#t to change his own life. Respect yourself, others, and your mothers. Change the house, change the street, change the neighborhood. Mentions: Warrior on Fire Podcast, Self Made Man Podcast, The Obstacle is the way.

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The book that I need. Writing a book with collaborators to get the book I need. Separation from the sedated in the world to find life. Purpose workshop facilitator. Mindset. Trophy Kids. Getting healthy, and family martyrdom. Everything is for my family, but you have to take care of you. Goruck. You can find Andrew Miranti at Tap NaplesWell Fit Girls . Invest in yourself so you can grow. The Mansformation project, you don’t have to be the best, you just have to want to change. One step out of your comfort zone and you can feel super human. You and the other people around you will let you off the hook, but that’s not our job. Stop Lying to others, and yourself. Impact others for the better. Leave a situation that you come into better than when you got there.

We are all here for a purpose, I want to raise my children with something spiritual. Everyone is here, or taken from you for a reason. When i leave my children, I want them to be better for me having been there. Lastly I want to be better than I was yesterday. Not better than anyone else, just better than my old self, to be better for my family.



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