#196: Tribe of Change Warrior Terence Berlage

talks about his life with an alcoholic father, his own struggle with it and how he began to live his #CognitiveRampage. Terence is bringing awareness via his art, clothing and podcast data sharing to help people lead better, healthiermore fulfilling lives. He shares learning the discipline of intermittent fasting and working to sell a business. Terence also shares his experiencing working with Aubrey Marcus, #GoForYourWin course which helped create an amazing urge to explore self and health more deeply. He conveys some of these ideas through his artful tee shirts at

THETERRYCLOTH.com provides social commentary through his shirt designs: from Terence: “Always keep moving, keep doing, and creating ideas to showcase my love for our world and the people in it. Shirts designed to make you think, shirts that bring you back to your childhood or that great song or record you loved growing up. Whether it was a cartoon or a classic movie. Sometimes it can be like a…

time machine in a sense, taking you right back.”

“The Cognitive Rampage, A Scientific Approach to Self Discovery, Change and Life Optimization” is available now on AMAZON

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