Cognitive Rampage Session 34: Kris Bekemeyer

My friend, x teammate, solider holding the sword for those that cannot. Brave and direct about his life and helping others in the struggle of addiction. He drops his anonymity from NA (Narcotic Anonymous) to tell his story of battling first alcohol, then Roxies and other pain narcotics to heroin addiction. This gets explicit so watch your baby ears if you think triggers are real. We cover my issues with the steps, as well as the strengths. We talk about his experience in government dual diagnosis facility and private recovery where he got sober. Pick it; trauma, relapse, meetings, suboxone, divorce, jail, cocaine, heroin and more. We talk about how they relate to his journey and maybe even yours. Kris chairs many NA meetings and is in the trench and on the front-lines.
Show Mentions: Dr. Carl Hart, The House I Live In, Rat Park and Bruce Alexander
Glen Marshall  Hope you’re taking care of you.



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