Good morning Tribe,
As you open your eyes this morning think of one word-grateful. Although it may be hard at this exact moment in your life, the fact there is life in you- is that. Whether it’s a friend, spouse, child or even a pet, anything that brings you joy-if it is in your life, you have something. Sadness is even something, and you only have that because you’ve had joy. Be grateful for that. Even the sadness. It is not, “It is what it is”. It is what you make it. You can make it be anything you want, just say when.

We are all riding this life roller coaster in single rider compartments, but we get to choose who rides with us on this ride of life. I’m grateful all of you, let me ride with you.

Thank you to you all. Hug those a tad longer this weekend, maybe even this morning. You’re not alone either… I’m riden’ with you!

Love you…. Now go live your ‪#‎CognitiveRampage‬ to the fullest today !‪#‎YouNeverKnow‬

Forwardly thinking,

Adam Lowery


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