The Cognitive Rampage #42: Competence Rampage

COMPETENCE COGNITIVE RAMPAGE AT THE END! BUT FIRST: Your athlete children and advice for being the parent of (two books your teen needs) – 12 things you didn’t know about David Bowie – El Chapo update – Government Weed: Gov admits finally admits weed kills cancer – New RoboCop Software determines your threat level – My Competence picks for January are in (one podcast,  documentary, online series and one book)


12 Things you didn’t know about David Bowie

Last Weekend Tonight with John Oliver – Predatory Lending

Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp – Government Admits Weed Kills Cancer

Federal Government ADMITS Weed Kills Cancer [Comedy/ News]

BBC Sean Penn Interview with Guzman

Vice Bulletin: El Chapo Recaptured – Cops surveying your life

CBS Guzman

RobCop’s assessing your threat level:

COMPETENCE PICKS SEEN HERE – Aubrey Marcus Podcast – Prescription Thugs Documentary by Chris Bell – Politics and Pros on YouTube – Life 101 by Peter McWilliams

Reza Aslan “Zelot” video on YouTube Politics and Pros the history of Jesus


Picture from: HERE and redesigned from the original, from the documentary The Elephant Emperor and the Butterfly Tree

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