The Cognitive Rampage #49: Paul Rodriquez

#Jujitsu Black Belt and #MMA Fighter and Coach out of American Top Team Orlando Paul Rodriquez speaks from experience inside the cage and life inside the sport of MMA. From the #UFC to Japan Paul has battled and trained the best. He makes an announcement about his fighting career, compares fighting to the sport today, talks about how it was before UFC, the difference in fighters today, the rule he would change first, the reason we have the rules we have today, what the future may hold and what it takes to make it as a fighter today.  #HoldFast Tribe this one will make you want to get in the cage at least once in your life.

Show mentions: Alex Spartan (UFC fight this Saturday) and his girlfriend and fighter Hannah Goldy (fighting in Pensacola FL in March) – Matt Ferralolo (fighting in Tampa with RFC) Real Fighting Championship William Sizemore – Past guest and MMA Fighter Julien Williams – The UFC – Paul’s better half, fighter/trainer and Directing Manager at ATT Caroline Rodriquez – Trainer and past guest Andrew Mirianti – The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)

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Paul's better half Caroline

Paul’s better half Caroline


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