The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #50

Making mental health masculine – Hey Alpha’s – Your are not depressed or an addict – Open Source Psychology – Dads Teach More – Parents Stop it-do this – Your kids and their Grandparents – The night my Papa passed – Some secret weapons – Florida Boy/Girl ‘s are different breeds – Love to the 10+ button on Netflix – Career Issues in Your Life – It is not about doing something great, it’s about… – I cover the guests coming up in February 2016.

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I believe a stigma still exists that real men don’t experience mental health or all that “psycho babble”. Us bloggers have to walk on eggshells if we decide to use words like masculine on social media. Well I used it. I am trying to make it strong, not weak for men to reach out for help. I covered this first on this episode of The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #50

I coined the term “Open Source Psychology” in my book The Cognitive Rampage, a dose of authentic revelation. (Wikibooks). Some have called the book a Master’s Degree in Mental Health in 180 pages. I wish this was true. It would have saved me a lot of student loans!  I believe as practitioners we need to offer all we know and all we can so others can use it and build on it. This is what I did with this book. Customized and build off of the greats. In this episode I offer some psychological weapons for parenting, career, depression and addiction. Oh yeah I also describe what it means to be a Florida Boy (or Girl).

I hope you’re taking care of you and living Your Cognitive Rampage!

Adam Lowery

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