The creator of AM Insights on Facebook (we talk how AM Isights has affected his life and others) – High Performance Trainer at TAP (Total Athletic Performance in Naples FL) – Ultimate Race Competitor (we talk about his most recent race 12 hours with causalities GORUCK Race) – we talk being Dads (3 questions to ask your kids everyday) – Community Leader and Coach at the WellFit Program for Girls (we talk about this amazing program). We talk about the #PrimalBlueprint book and eating style by Mark Sisson (we both started) – His annual trip to Mardi Gras and the secret life of those on the floats (it takes years to be able to ride- He also belongs to the HERMES CLUB – we talk what mental health really means and what it means to make mental health masculine – His interview with Brett Richard on ESPN RADIO 99.3 SWFL

Love given on the show: Brett RichardFit Project Radio – Mark SissonDerek Touchette – Total Athletic Performance – Jill Wheeler – Wellfit Girls – Debi Shaw GrilloGreen Monkey Yoga Naples


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