The Cognitive Rampage #80: Dr. Andrew Hill


Cognitive Neuroscience (a virtual mentor of mine), answers the question, “Is addiction a brain disease?” He also reveals what we have learned about ADHD because of human brain mapping, and so much more!
Dr. Hill is the Founding Director of Peak Brain Institute and the lead neurotherapist at the flagship Peak Brain Institute location in Los Angeles.  Dr. Hill holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA’s department of Psychology and continues to do research on attention and cognitive performance. Research methodology includes EEG,
QEEG, and ERP.

In addition to founding Peak Brain Institute, Dr. Hill is the lead Neuroscientist for TruBrain and also lectures at UCLA, teaching courses in psychology, neuroscience, and gerontology.

Watch the interview on Youtube below and Subscribe here. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher for Android. More on Dr. Andrew Hill here at Peak Brain Institute



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