The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #171: Jason MacKenzie

Jason is the best-selling author of The DADLY Book of Open. He is a survivor of his wife’s tragic battle with bipolar disorder, eventual suicide and his decade-long battle with alcohol. He’s learned that sharing the real version of our stories is one of the most powerful ways we can connect with people. Jason speaks and host The Mental Health Warriors Podcast and online community. He teaches that you can’t outrun grief, no matter how hard you might try. Jason’s mission in life is to inspire people to understand that sharing who we really are is our gift. When we do, we create a safe place for other people to be who they really are. When two authentic people connect with each other the possibilities for creation are limitless.

Jason is a Mental Health Warrior. His mission is to destroy stigma and help people find the courage to share their stories.

He’s a father, husband, son and friend.

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