The Cognitive Rampage Podcast S38: Eric and Brooke Kemmer

Eric and Brook literally just got back from their honeymoon in BALI, hence the picture I liked so much. They came directly to the Cognitive Cave before they even went home. Both beat addiction, together and they are now partners with Artisan Wellness Recovery, a holistic Intensive Outpatient Recovery Community-The first one in Florida to NOT practice the “Florida Model’ of mental health treatment.  The “Florida Model” is just now arriving to California and it is not being received well. Eric talks about his journey from the streets of SoCal using and selling meth, to his time in prison and now to being a recovery coach and recovery community provider.  His wife Brook has been with him on the whole ride. We may have actually discovered the first REAL step to sobriety? One that can be concreted as a step 1 for everybody-I promise you it is NOT declare yourself powerless.

Hope you’re taking care of you.




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