You’ll have to ask to join The Tribe of Change on Facebook to really get involved and start getting your content on the TOC Network because we are a closed group, but its all free and we keep it within the Tribe. Be prepared to be challenged.

The Tribe of Change Podcast

Welcome to the TRIBE OF CHANGE brought to you by The Cognitive Rampage. As a Tribe we understand that ourselves, others and the world are ever changing. We are of the essence of change. We live, share and accept change as a part of life. We are all inspiring change makers who live our #CognitiveRampage with no apologies. We push the boundaries of the human condition, truth and reality. We chase competence with a passion, support and challenge ourselves and each other to question the norms, social constructs and especially self. We are the Tribe of Change, and you will hear us roar!

Tribe of Change Podcast #3 Alvin and Mischa

Tribe of Change Podcast #3 Alvin and Mischa

Alvin and Mischa from the Tribe of Change join Steve to ask “Is America the new Rome?” Are MMA fighters the newest Gladiators that are here to distract us from the real problems in the world?

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