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Enthusiastically chasing competence with you. Sharing my life and others’ experiences, wisdom and philosophies. Humbly questioning self, others and the world for revelation, growth and optimization. Join me in my hunt for competence as I reveal mine, and the guests Cognitive Rampage!

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #159: Raya Bidshahri

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #159: Raya Bidshahri

Raya is a contributing Journalist at Singularity Hub, Co-founder at Cafe Scientifique Dubai, Co-Founder at Intelligent Optimism, Senior Project Manager at SciFest Dubai and Business Development Manager at SheWorks.

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #158: Rafe Kelley

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #158: Rafe Kelley

The Evolve Move Play method is for those who want to feel more free and connected to their movement practice. Who do not see themselves separate from nature but as a part of a whole. For whoever wishes to rekindle their child like alertness for opportunity and fun in their every day life.

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #157: Barry McDonagh

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #157: Barry McDonagh

Barry McDonagh (BA, Dip Psych ) is the author of the best selling book “Dare, The New Way To Break Free From Anxiety and Panic Attacks” and is the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program Panic Away. The program has been purchased by more than 70,000 people worldwide and has been featured on TV and radio across America.

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #156: Dr. Mark Sircus

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #156: Dr. Mark Sircus Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) (acupuncturist, doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine) is a prolific writer and author of some astounding medical and health-related books. Dr. Sircus’s methods are based on... read more

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #155: Author Johnjoe McFadden

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #155: Author Johnjoe McFadden

Author of “Life On The Edge”
Life is the most extraordinary phenomenon in the known universe; but how does it work? Even in this age of cloning and synthetic biology, the remarkable truth remains: nobody has ever made anything living entirely out of dead material. Life remains the only way to make life. Are we missing a vital ingredient in its creation?

Like Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene, which provided a new perspective on evolution, Life on the Edge alters our understanding of life’s dynamics as Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe Macfadden reveal the hitherto missing ingredient to be quantum mechanics. Drawing on recent ground-breaking experiments around the world, they show how photosynthesis relies on subatomic particles existing in many places at once, while inside enzymes, those workhorses of life that make every molecule within our cells, particles vanish from one point in space and instantly materialize in another.

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #153: Author John Hands

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #153: John Hands, author, researcher, speaker, community innovator

John Hands devoted more than ten years to evaluating scientific theories about human evolution from the origin of the universe, resulting in the 700-page Cosmosapiens. He graduated in chemistry from the University of London, where he was the first undergraduate President of the Union. He founded the Society for Co-operative Dwellings, co-authored two research studies, published Housing Co-operatives, and scripted, directed, and presented a documentary More Than a Place to Live broadcast twice on BBC2 Television. He was the founding Director of the UK Government’s Co-operative Housing Agency and served on committees appointed by a Minister for Housing, a Secretary of State for the Environment, and a Secretary of State for Industry.

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #152: Author Kristian Hall

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #152: Author Kristian Hall

Kristian Hall’s book “Rise From Darkness, paths out of depression toward happiness” is here:

Kristian went through eleven years of deep depression as a teenager and student. He overcame his depression by practicing techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. His personal development did not stop there – he’s now living the life of his dreams. He lives in the deep forest around Oslo, together with his family and a very strange Maine Coon cat.

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #151: Yalda Mousavinia

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #151: Yalda Mousavinia
Co Founder of “Going to space together”. Yalda by trade, is a Mechanical Engineer from UC Berkeley certified by UCLA in Astronautical Engineering…in short, she is an innovator bringing Space to the community.

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The Cognitive Rampage #150: Richard D. Bartlett

The Cognitive Rampage #150: Richard D. Bartlett aka Rich Decibels self proclaimed writer of things on the internet (writes for Enspiral Tales and the Loomio Cooperative Handbook) both are resources for nonhierarchical organizations. He is a Loomio CoFounder and... read more

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #149: Marc Burrows

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #149: Marc Burrows Clinical Therapist, addiction counselor working within the current treatment system who knows what it is like to be in both chairs in treatment. LISTEN,... read more

The Cognitive Rampage #147: Alex Price and Sara Hope

The Cognitive Rampage #147: Alex Price and Sara Hope Tribe Of Change Warriors Alex Price and Sara Hope are quite active in the Tribe, and especially on our weekly Facebook Live Rampage’s. Last weeks Live Rampage we discussed “What is your biggest... read more

The Cognitive Rampage #146: Dave Schumann

The Cognitive Rampage #146: Dave Schumann David Schumann Author of “Living with Radiation: Heal and Protect A Nuclear World”, Engineer, Researcher and Competence Creator, educated me on Nuclear energy, radiation, and more. His book “Living With... read more

The Cognitive Rampage #144: Frankie Sanchez

The Cognitive Rampage #144: Frankie Sanchez Frankie Sanchez was born on June 26,1972 in Denver, Colorado. He spent his Elementary, Jr high and high school years in Aurora, Colorado. He was a world class amateur/ professional boxer and Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He... read more

The Cognitive Rampage 143: Sachin Patel

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #143: Sachin Patel Sachin Patel is a business coach, and founder of The Living Proof Institute. The Living Proof Institute specializes in identifying the root cause of your health issues. We provide a plan, a partnership and a promise to... read more

TCR #142: Dr. Jack Kruse & Naudi Aguilar

You all asked for it, they gave it to us! The innovators Dr. Kruse and the Naudi Aguilar together on one show! Dr. Kruse was kind enough to be interviewed by myself and Naudi at the same time. We go deeper into the rabbit hole of Dr. Kruse’s competence and we extract some helpful Biohacks and scientific reasoning from Kruse’s blackhole of “knowing”.


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TCR #141: Kyle Dake

Kid Dynamite Kyle Dake is a 4x NCAA Champion wrestler in FOUR different weight classes from Cornell. Currently on the US Olympic Team, the son and grandson of all American college wrestlers is also a leader and coach to youth wrestlers. He gives his mental approach for training and tournament time, covers his training routine and what it was like cutting weight and moving up weight classes for his entire career.

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TCR #140: Steven Sashen

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #140: Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes
As seen on Shark Tank Television Show
Steven is a life-long entrepreneur. He is the visionary and marketer (with his wife as the COO) for Xero Shoes. He is a Masters All-American sprinter (one of the fastest men over the age of 50 in the US) and former All-American gymnast. He was also a professional stand-up comic, cognitive psychology researcher, and taught Tai Chi and Zen Archery. Steven is also the creator of Scriptware, the industry-standard word processor for film and TV writers.

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The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #139: Damiano Raveenthiran

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #139: Damiano Raveenthiran The man from TCR episode #22 returns! A Psychedelic Journalist a member of the new Psychedelic Society based in Toronto Canada. He has been working with Refugees and getting them safe and settle. I know this may... read more

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #138: Sarah Hornsby

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #138: Sarah Hornsby Sarah: “My journey to becoming a myofunctional therapist started when I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene. At that point, I had no idea that I would end up... read more

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #137: Matt Sheen

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #137: Matt Sheen “I used to play rugby and now I’m finding other ways to fill my time – like running up mountains!” Matt, an active Warrior in The Tribe Of Change comes on (in all his nervousness) to talk about his... read more

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #136: Dr. Aaron Turner

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #136: Dr. Aaron Turner Co-Founder of With a first class degree in anthropology, Aaron pursued an academic career. Getting his masters and PhD from Brunel where he also worked as a researcher and junior faculty member. He... read more

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #135: Alvin Avelar

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #135: Alvin Avelar Alvin for some reason thought I would be a good mentor to him. He asked, so I agreed. Although he is my first Mentoree, I have had some very strong primary and virtual mentors in my life and have been using their... read more

The Cognitive Rampage #134: Adam’s Life to The Principles Of Change

TCR #134: Adam’s Life to The Principles Of Change
The 2nd Edition of the Cognitive Rampage book, a scientific approach to self discovery, change and optimization releases March 2017. I will be covering the Principles of Change on this podcast and I share my personal childhood story and then some to relate with you.

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TCR #132: Ashley Kramer

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #132: Ashley Kramer From Ashley Kramers own words: Born in South Africa, lived in New Zealand since 2000. Salesman by trade with a freelance writing sideline. Gave up sales to write full time in 2014 but then met Sarah from Seattle.... read more

TCR #131: Gustavo Dantas, BJJ World Champion and Mental Coach

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast: #131: Gustavo Dantas, World Champ and BJJ Mental Coach

“Gustavo Dantas, is an entrepreneur, 4th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with nearly 20 years of coaching experience. Besides being a former World Champion, he has produced over 30 World Championship medalists. He seeks to not only provide World-class instruction and training, but most importantly, to help his students gain a higher self-worth and become champions in life. Gustavo is a Public Speaker and published author as well as Certified High Performance, Mental & Life Coach with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.

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TCR #130: Dr Greg Carder

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #130: Dr Greg Carder Adam sits in studio with Orlando based Dr Greg Carder. “Age is a measure of the passage of Time & is a constant, the VELOCITY of our biological degradation is not, the effects of “aging” are... read more

TCR #129: Steven Kotler: Stealing Fire

Steven Kotler returns to the Cognitive Rampage Podcast to talk about his new book Stealing Fire.

ABOUT Steven Kotler:
He is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and co-founder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project. His books include the non-fiction works “The Rise of Superman,” “Abundance,” “A Small Furry Prayer” “West of Jesus,” and the novel “The Angle Quickest for Flight.” His work has been translated into more than 30 languages. His articles have appeared in over 60 publications, including The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Wired, GQ, Outside, Popular Science, Men’s Journal and Discover.

He also writes “Far Frontiers,” a blog about technology and innovation for and “The Playing Field,” a blog about the science of sport and culture for

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TCR #128: Marquinn McDonald

The CognitiveRampage Podcast #128: Marquinn McDonald
Marquinn McDonald South Side Chicago Community Activist on The Cognitive Rampage Podcast right off his VICE News appearance. Like him, I wasn’t sure about this program… You can find him at Quantum Martial Arts and Fitness.

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TCR #127: Dr. Parker Mott, Psychologist

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #127: Dr Parker Mott, Psychologist

Dr. Parker Mott, our bat country #psychologist talks #Neuroscience #NewResearch #CognitiveBehavioralTherapy We cover many many many aspects of metal health practice, psychology and even talk #FreeWill.

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TCR #126: The Podcast Counselor on Mental Health

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #126: Adam Lowery The Podcast Counselor discusses the state of and the issues in mental health treatment, addiction treatment, issues in becoming a therapist and being a patient in the broken mental health care system today.

I discuss the state of #MentalHealth: I start off with the story I told on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #Chemicalincarceration #addictiontreatment issues by telling you my journey into learning and experiencing what I have in being BOTH a patient and a practitioner in the field of mental health & addiction. Then I inform from the practitioner to the client/patient experience. The field as a business and career: what graduates can expect. What people in need of mental health help can expect when choosing a path to help. What the #DiagnosticStatisticManual (DSM) is, means and how it’s changes have affected #addiction #depression #anxiety etc as well as #MentalHealthTreatments.

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TCR #125: Naudi Aguilar

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #125: Naudi Aguilar and Adam Lowery combine to reveal quite the #FunctionalRampage

Founder of Functional Patterns brings once again biomechanics competence and asks other fitness “gurus” why and how are they following through on their claims? Adam explains why FP faces such concrete resistance from those that have not been trained FP, and gives you a social experiment to try next time you’re in an elevator with a group of strangers.

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TCR #124: Dan Cleland

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #124: Dan Cleland
(Founder, Trip Leader) Dan Cleland Author of Pulse Of The Jungle and Founder of Pulse Tours – Ayahuasca Adventure Center

Over 10 years ago, a young man from Walkerton, Ontario, Canada had a recurring dream to explore the world. The day to day cage of 9-5 was not big enough to contain this young adventurer. He began to research the great land of sandy beaches, cheap beer and groovy vibes … Brazil.

After learning some Portuguese, buying some maps of Brazil and maxing out his credit at the bank, Daniel Cleland ventured off on an independently organized six week journey through Brazil. The minute he arrived to his hostel in Copacabana, he dropped his bags and B-lined straight to the beach … the first time this land-locked boy had seen the ocean in years. As his eyes feasted on the glorious expanse of Copacabana beach, Daniel knew that dreams were just reality waiting to happen. His life had taken a turn, and the rest of his six week adventure would define the next decade of his life.

Upon returning the 9-5 grind in Canada after his six week sojourn in the land of samba and caipirinhas, the only thought in Daniel’s mind was “how do I get back there?” Within a month, he’d located a job in international tourism and began to work his way back down to the promised land. Working for a major international travel company, Daniel spent the next years leading adventures all across Central and South America, where he learned how to communicate like a pro in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and how to show people the gems of this awe-inspiring continent.

Never being one to play by anyone else’ rules, Daniel began to do his own thing and create itineraries to South America for family and friends. Now, Pulse Adventure Tours has become a live and thriving entity, with a growing culture of awesome people’s support!

Traveling the world has also inspired Daniel to enroll in a Master of Arts degree in Intercultural and International Communication, from which he is graduating in 2014. Familiarity with this field of study helps Pulse Adventure Tours build strong intercultural bridges between our travelers and the locals we encounter along the way. Many of our travelers experience a whole new world which they return to independently in the future.

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TCR #122: The Podcast Counselor

I refer to some emails regarding mental health and life issues from listeners. Starting next Monday and every Monday on The #CognitiveRampagePodcast begins #MentalTrainingMondays with me, your #PodcastCounselor. Email me what your may be dealing with; Problems with someone at work, your relationship, parenting, personal… lay it out for me, and I will address it directly, keep you anonymous and hopefully help you out.

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TCR #121: Naudi Aguilar

The Cognitive Rampage #121: Naudi Aguilar

Who else better to bring in 2017 to talk about “fitness resolutions”, new Functional Patterns discoveries all while kicking in your frontal cerebral cortex with his #FunctionalRampage on The #CognitiveRampage

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TCR #120: Advice For 2017

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #120: Advice For 2017
-I give you 4 direct pieces of advice for 2017 I bet you’ve haven’t heard, and put on front street vague advice I see coming from “Guru’s”
-I recap every episode and guests from 2016

This is the last Cognitive Rampage of 2016. Each and every one of the 120 episodes have been such amazing life experiences. I have learned so much and met so many impactful individuals, and not just guests. The listeners and readers of The Cognitive Rampage are like family to me. The Tribe of Change is that family. My Family. Your Family. When I say “I hope you’re taking care of you, and I love you.” I truly hope and mean that. Thank you for sharing your lives and any minute of your time with me on this ride. As far as I know we only get this one…so every second you let me hang with you in person, online, in your earbud, on your phone or computer, I am eternally grateful. I love you, and hope you’re taking care of you and living your Cognitive Rampage!

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TCR #119: We Want You

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #119: We Want You

This podcast is going to upset a few of you. This is how our Military literally preys on small town men and women and their dreams to escape their small town. Making promises, literally lying and withholding information upon recruiting. Sure those who sign up are responsible for their choice, but these are just kids they are temping with “free college” (which is BS), traveling the world, and a better resume. No one told these boys what was really about to happen next.

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TCR #118: Shane Delange

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #118: Shane Delange tells his story and a little about his journey of change, his #PhoenixRampage on The #CognitiveRampage – #TribeOfChange Warrior who came recommended by a fellow Tribe of Change Warrior Ashley Kramer. and by quote:
“Shane is a good dude with a very interesting perspective online thanks to his #Vipassana #mediation practice.” Shane and I traded a few messages about his life, and I think everyone can related. We’re not going to tell you how he made a million dollars by taking a chance, or how he dumped corporate job and now lives in Silicone Valley…just the path and tools that have worked and are working for Shane. #Reiki is one of those paths. Shane tells what his experience and what a Reiki session are like. By quick definition: a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Since originating in Japan, Reiki has been adapted into varying cultural traditions across the world.

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TCR #117: Tony Wright

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #117: Tony Wright

I have often found myself asking, “Are moving backwards as a species?” Have you ever found yourself thinking this? Maybe even behaving or thinking that way yourself? I have, but my guest has taken that question further for his last 20 years, and may have proven that we are. It at least deems proving wrong right? Tony Wright has taken a closer look at the evolutionary context, Molecular ecology of our distant ancestral environment, and has included behavior, psychological and neurological data involving split brain research *gathered it all together researching for common denominators. He has proposed we take a closer look at our species neuro functioning and how we define it. Is it really advancing and functional OR are we neurologically degenerating?

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TCR #116: Tony Jack the Bear Mantz

The Cognitive Rampae Podcast #116: Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz
If you’re in the music biz, listen up!
Legendary and award winning #musicmastering skills, one heck of an #inspirational speaker, motivator to creative kids, and a man I am proud to call my friend. Tony Jack The Bear returns to the #CognitiveRampage. We catch up, talk about mastering life, mastering music today, and Tony drops some inspiring words as usual.
Picture by Andy Maccoll

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TCR #115: Shannon Hegarty

The Cognitive Rampage #115: Shannon Hegarty Tribe of Change Member and Warrior, Shannon Hegarty tells his story of overcoming addiction, how it happened and how he’s been clean four years now.... read more

TCR #114: Adam’s Rampage

The Cognitive Rampage #114: Adam’s Rampage I have a story to read you at the end of of this #CognitiveRampage that will trip your mind for a moment. I also discuss… -Your childhood of words -Las Vegas reflection (Angry Delta Stewardess Story) & The non... read more

TCR #113: Blair Avery and Kevin Belcher

The Cognitive Rampage #113: Blair Avery and Kevin Belcher Blair and Kevin from Insurgency Now took it upon themselves to go to Standing Rock and NODAPL Protest. They are here to report what they saw and experienced.... read more

TCR #112: Adams Rampage

The Cognitive Rampage #112: Adams Rampage In a hurry enough to kill endangered birds. Workplace extortion. The starving artist today and awareness of the lone wolf. LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE... read more

TCR #111: Naudi Aguilar

The Cognitive Rampage #111: Naudi Aguilar Adam and Naudi discuss public speaking, crowds and masses, social media and who knows where else the conversation will take them… Hey, it’s show 111 make a wish! Hope you taking care of You! Adam Lowery... read more

TCR #110: Dr. Mike Van Theilen

The #CognitiveRampagePodcast WILL BE LIVE AT 2pm EST. today with Dr. Mike Van Theilen, president of Neo Matrix Medical​

Mike is the President/CEO at Neo Matrix Medical / Keynote / Motivational Speaker, Author & Expert in Health & Nutrition.

Neo Matrix, LLC is the authority in Bio-Regenerative Medicine, specializing in the latest therapeutic applications of stem cell therapy. Neo Matrix is effectively bridging the gap between research and applied medicine, providing procedures scientifically proven to benefit the patient seeking natural and potent alternatives to surgery and other conventional applications.

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TCR #109: Julia Rucklidge

Julia Rucklidge founded the Mental Health and Nutrition Research group, and is in the Psychology Department, University of Canterbury, Christchurch. She is the leading researcher at The Mental Health and Nutrition Research Group, a group of scientists committed to independently testing nutritional supplements for all kinds of mental health issues, including ADHD, anxiety, smoking cessation, depression and more.

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TCR #108: Naudi Aguilar on Nutrition

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #108: Naudi Aguilar returns for another Functional Rampage with Adam Lowery on Nutrition

Founder of #FunctionalPatterns talks #nutrition AND, like always, we end up covering an array of topics. Although we do circle it all back to nutrition (vague term) in this #FunctionalRampage

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TCR #107: Allistair McCaw

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #107: Allistair McCaw
is an internationally recognized leader in the field of athlete performance enhancement joins Adam Lowery to talk about the mindset of the McCaw Method, the mental health impacts of being an athlete, and especially the parent of an athlete. With over 20 years experience, Allistair has worked with multiple Grand Slam Champions, Olympians and world class athletes in a variety of sports. A much sought after speaker who has presented in over 25 countries worldwide, he has appeared on numerous TV shows in the United States sharing his knowledge, expertise and advice.

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TCR #104: Functional Rampage with Naudi Aguilar

We talk primal nature adventures and escapes, dog poo picker uppers, greed, emotional balance in todays world, spreading relevance, pain killers, politics and catching fish, system collapsing, how low the bar gets set, are we trying to hold onto immortality? Minimalist living and grateful for it, we talk the principles of change from the Cognitive Rampage book, and so much more.


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TCR #103: Dr. Jack Kruse

Dr. Jack Kruse is breaking barriers and concrete beliefs in medicine, questioning the norms, changing and saving lives. These are just the facts. When you step into the light –metaphorically and hopefully after this podcast much more literally. If you are a logical and practical thinker you may grasp this quicker…wait…if you’re a creative whom questions authority you too will grasp this as quick. BECAUSE IT MAKES SENSE! As my feeble mind begins to fathom this life changing data, I again urge you to open your mind. Look at the world around you. Have diets failed you? Kids seems to lack energy and you’ve changed the food, tried the shakes, went to Physician after Physician…then here you go. Try it. Let me know. After all, if you’re at least listening, and questioning-you’ve already begun. I am with you if you are just walking into this, we will learn together because Dr. Kruse said he is coming back. We will be further down the circadian oscillators, DHA, Mitochondria, EMF, UV, UVA, Quantum Biology, epigenetics, Leptin, water and cold water thermogenesis hole and further from the blue light and more electron loaded.

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TCR #102: Stephen Tonti

TEDx CMU Speaker, writer, director and 102 other titles, Stephen Tonti brings his #ADHD #CognitiveRampage to the show. A man of many parts, we discuss his early childhood diagnosis of ADHD, as well as explore multiple etiologies of mental disorders. Stephen created a different perception of his spectrum of diagnosis,and may be developing a new approach to embracing ADHD to master ADHD.

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TCR #101: Dr. Stanton Peele

Dr. Stanton Peele’s has 40-Years in the research, study, treatment, authorship, speaking and everything else Addiction
Stanton began working on Love and Addiction (which was published in 1975) in 1970. In these forty years he has predicted a remarkable number of addiction trends. By now it is clear that the way in which Stanton has reframed addiction for the past four decades – sometimes facing extreme opposition – has been prescient. Addiction is not a consequence of taking drugs and drinking. Rather, it arises from the way in which these and other compelling activities fit into people’s lives and meanings. We are only now as a society beginning to come to grips with his insights.

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TCR #100: How can we hold onto the change?

I reflect on the destruction left behind and on its way by Hurricane Matthew. I explore what happens within communities, states and nations during natural disasters and human caused tragedies. All the sudden Race, Nation and Political views don’t matter when someone is drowning in their car, or your reaching from your rooftop. How do we hold onto this power without a reminder? This topic was not planned, but I found it to be fitting for this particular episode because…

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TCR #99: Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew joins the Adam Lowery on this episode. CM Punk joins me at the end of this show, as hurricane Matthew makes Florida landfall. I planned to go live until the power went out. Well, it never went out. I rampaged on many a topic. I opened with revealing my 4 songs I play in ritual before every podcast, but Youtube blocked me so we had to edit the songs out, but you’ll see. I cover the locus to human, human to locus evolution. I talk about how I react to people saying “Something is coming, I can feel it. Something is about to go down, blah blah.” I tell you what they are really feeling and why it’s not happening. Somehow I get onto politics, war, corruption for awhile, hurricane rituals and response, more music talk, how I got dubbed being able to reach the so called “worse of the worse”, I give some love to The Tribe of Change and what we are, being a lone wolf, I define courage and bravery, how the point is to keep us divided and fighting each other, I break down nationalism, power, enforcing beliefs onto others, weather men and women always getting it wrong and hit with stop signs, robot news anchors mental health realities, then i start inviting random contacts by email to join the podcast and Mr. Fit Project Media Brett Richard aka CM Punk gets woken up by me and answers while sleeping LIVE! Hilarious, he had no idea we were live.

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TCR #98: Christian Edmunds

The “Punk Monk” is a member of Mensa with Genius Level IQ in the top .2% in the World. We cover many topics in this show, and we go deep. He reveals the top 5 regrets at end of life that were found to be in common among a 1800+ person study. An old friend from another life ago, Christian and I worked together in the Nightclub business in Orlando, Florida for many years. He was one of the best in the business at creating “boy meets girl” environment…in his words, “the foundation of a nightclub”. His own response anytime I mention his belonging to the top .2% in Mensa…
….”And, I really can say that I have done absolutely nothing of value in it in the past 40 years.” I can’t image my mind moving faster than it already does, well, Christian’s does.

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TCR #97: AB La Roche

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #97 Adam Lowery is joined by AB La Roche

An empowering story. Since the age of 4 AB has been hit numerous battles in life that most never experience. Child abuse, domestic violence, alcohol, drugs, PTSD, and nearly every other one of Life’s sucker punches. A self proclaimed “Alpha Woman” does not shy away from living life to the fullest these days. Not long ago she journeyed out to Arizona to change her life and face her demons with Danny Page (Guest on TCR #91). This was her epic awakening that birthed the Cognitive Rampage she lives today.

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TCR #96: Matty Martin

Matty is a Functional Patterns Certified Practitioner, Biomechanics Master, Striking Trainer and self proclaimed “Regular guy” in Sydney Australia, who I claim to be is one cerebral cat. He tends to challenge most of posts in our Tribe of Change group on Facebook. If you’re a member, you know who Matty Martin is!

They talk what it’s like crossing over or “waking up” from the 9-5 hustle. Adam goes on two Cognitive Rampages that span these realms and others. Imagine that. If you struggle to leave your job to follow your passion, this is for you. If you have or are currently waking up and or following your passion, you most certainly will relate to this cognitive rampage. They even talk striking and Muay Thai

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TCR #95: Glen Marshall and Rhana Hashemi

Glen Marshall is the Host of the Addictive Podcast, a Drug Counselor and Educator, Therapist, Mental Health Activist and past guest on TCR. Also on the show, and making her podcast debute, Rhana Hashemi. She is an activist for drug education reform with The Students for Sensible Drug Policy as she also is fighting to end the war on drugs, and working for Jumpstart, helping ensure all kindergartners enter ready to succeed when they enter school. Glen and Rhana are both are on the front lines of the drug war, treatment, education and reform. Both bring us some information on the status of the war on drugs, the changes in treatments happening today and much more. We are all fighting against the War on Drugs and #Chemicalincarceration

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TCR #94: Athletes Depression

Guest Naudi Aguilar, Founder of Functional Patterns draws mental health impacts to the environment created by Crossfit, mentioning also the physical risks and damage overtime, as Adam sees issues with having developing children performing Crossfit in school.
This eventually led Adam to reveal his claim from many years ago to what he has dubbed “Athletes Depression”. He ends up announcing his third solo book due out in May in full title and description, even explaining the differential diagnosis etiology as it relates directly to athletes and their higher risk of developing serious and severe mental health issues, many times becoming worse overtime due to misdiagnosis.

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TCR #93: Brad Burge

Brad earned his B.A. in Communication and Psychology from Stanford University in 2005 and his M.A. in Communication from the University of California, San Diego in 2009. His graduate work focused on the political, scientific, and cultural changes required to make illicit drugs into legitimate medicines. He has also interned for the Drug Policy Alliance and has a longstanding interest in drug policy reform and activism. He began working with MAPS as an intern in 2009, joining the staff in January 2011. Brad is also a consultant, writer, and editor for organizations and individuals working in psychedelic and medical marijuana research, drug policy, and psychedelic therapy. He believes in the importance of communication for sharing knowledge and building community, and is committed to helping people develop honest and responsible relationships with themselves, each other, and their pharmacological tools.

read more

TCR #92: Dr. Carl Hart

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #92: Dr. Carl Hart talks addiction, drugs and neuroscience with Adam Lowery

Dr. Hart is an Associate Professor of Psychology in both the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology at Columbia University, and Director of the Residential Studies and Methamphetamine Research Laboratories at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. A major focus of Dr. Hart’s research is to understand complex interactions between drugs of abuse and the neurobiology and environmental factors that mediate human behavior and physiology.

read more

Ep3: Myths of Fitness: The Bench Press

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast Presents: Myths of Fitness: #3 The Bench Press ‪Adam Lowery sits with the Founder of Functional Patterns himself Mr. Naudi Aguilar as he breaks down the Myth of the BENCH PRESS & SHOULDER WORKOUTS. #MythsOfFitness... read more

TCR #90: Lee Camp

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast: #90 with Comedian and Host of Redacted Tonight Lee Camp:
Adam sits down with Lee Camp host of Redacted tonight and discusses the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Voter Fraud, and Election Fraud on this special episode of The Cognitive Rampage.

read more

Ep2: Myths of Fitness with Naudi Aguilar: The Squat

TCR Presents: Myths of Fitness Podcast: #2 The Squat Adam Lowery sits with the Founder of Functional Patterns himself Mr. Naudi Aguilar as he breaks down the Myth of the squat workout. LISTEN,... read more

TCR #89: Adams Rampage: The Tribe & Future

The Cognitive Rampage #89: Adams Rampage My Minimalist lifestyle, The Future and the Tribe of Change I talk about my minimalist lifestyle, drop some must read books (Tyranny of Words is one of them), shout outs to some members of the Tribe of Change, and what’s... read more

Ep1: Myths of Fitness with Naudi Aguilar: Posture

Myths Of Fitness with Founder of Functional Patterns Naudi Aguilar. LIVE every Wednesday at 12pm est on The Cognitive Rampage!

Adam and Naudi will be dissecting various workouts, movements and genres to dispel many myths and misconceptions in health and fitness today. Naudi will also be making some predictions about the future of fitness. #MythsOfFitness #FunctionalRampage

read more

TCR #88: Stanley Fisher

Stanley Fisher Jr. is an American entrepreneur, actor (voice, stage, and film), audio producer, director and radio host. With two decades of experience; Stanley has voiced, produced, or directed local, regional, and national radio commercial advertising, created children’s audio books, radio programming content for National Charities, produced National Radio, hosted radio shows, performed on-camera for commercial advertising, and independent films; all while holding down a twenty year broadcasting career for companies like iHeart Media, Premiere Radio Networks, and Entercom as on on-air talent, producer, and award winning Production Director.

read more

TCR #87: Steven Kotler

Steven and I get deep into the epigenetic influence that created this Superman of words and flow. I did not “perform” the interview with Steven so many have already shared. My goal was discover what stories and experiences from childhood to the present that helped shape one of todays top authors, lime disease conqueror, flow rider and researcher, Xtreme sports journalist and junkie. Steven is so much more than his performances and accomplishments. It was an honor to meet the man, and to learn he is not just a legend.

read more

TCR #86: Naudi Aguilar

TCR #86: NAUDI AGUILAR RETURNS! Founder of Functional Patterns returns on a mission of proof and a paradigm shift in health and fitness soon approaching.

read more

TCR #85: Michael A. Wood Jr.

Michael is a justice activist to say the least. He took the reins given to him by us after his comments relating to the misuse of force by police today. Since, he has evolved to the most active civilian controlled police reformer. He holds a masters degree, is PhD candidate, and a retired United States Marine, and retired Baltimore Police Sergeant who know stands up for those without a voice. Michael Wood for Sheriff of Chicago, Oakland or even please Baltimore!

read more

TCR #83: Nina Chou

Functional Patterns Master Practitioner – Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist – Certified Personal Trainer – Performance Enhancement Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine & ISSA Certified Trainer International Sports Sciences Association – ex-Professional Body Builder – Child Viola Prodigy – Teenage to College Golf Master – retired Equinox Personal Trainer to Functional Patterns Facility Owner.

read more

TCR #80 Dr Andrew Hill

Dr. Hill is the Founding Director of Peak Brain Institute and the lead neurotherapist at the flagship Peak Brain Institute location in Los Angeles. Dr. Hill holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA’s department of Psychology and continues to do research on attention and cognitive performance. Research methodology includes EEG,
QEEG, and ERP.

read more

TCR #79: Drew Peters, CSCS, Master Formulator

Drew Peters, Master of Science, Master Formulator in Sports Nutrition, Product Development & Scientific Editorials Manager, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist covers the science and research (or lack thereof) behind supplements, ingredients, BS advertising backed by BS science and research, transparent labeling, issues and myths in product marketing, and STIMULANTS! We even go topic by topic: gluten, micronutrients, protein comparisons, fats, oils, EVERYTHING GETS HIT!

read more

TCR #78: Dr. Richard Feenstra, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Feenstra is a recognized global expert witness regarding issues of safety and security. Richard holds an M.S. in workforce development and a Ph.D. in learning and technology. He is an educational psychologist with a focus on innovation, problem solving and productivity. Work experience includes military service, law enforcement, fire prevention and workplace safety.

read more

TCR #77: Interviews at Europa Games Orlando

THE COGNITIVE RAMPAGE PODCAST #77: Adam’s interviews at Europa Games Orlando 2016

The first TCR Podcast since we got back from #TCRTour. Adam covers Mental Training verses Therapy, Upcoming Guests, and at the end we air Adam’s Europa Games Orlando experience and interviews from his ESPN radio show with co-host Brett Richard “Fit Project Radio” taking Health (medical), Wellness (mental), Athletics and Nutrition.

read more

TCR #76: Adam Lowery interviewed by Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon

Adam finally gives up the host chair and takes his seat as the guest on TCR for an in-dpeth interview about his book and life with Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon, Social Scientist, Research Professor at the esteemed Rollins College. This is a detailed and in-depth look into Transrational Structure Behavior Theory (TSBT), his book “The Cognitive Rampage, a dose of authentic revelation” is the application of TSBT. Adam tears off any veils left and bares his soul, philosophy and life experience. BOOK NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

read more

TCR #74: Edward Price

Author of “The Divine Curriculum”, a Bahai faith follower, history and story teller. He tells a beautiful story on this podcast. Listen with an open mind, humbled heart and especially a loving spirit.

read more

TCR #73: Ryan Totka

Ryan Totka is the Founder of one of the largest sports marketing agencies and celebrity speakers bureaus (Athlete Promotions) in the country his company has booked sports figures such as Mark Cuban , Emmitt Smith , Terrell Owens , Wayne Gretzky , Joe Theismann , Mike Ditka , Dez Bryant , Mike Tyson , Dennis Rodman , Mariano Rivera , Thurman Thomas , Tim Tebow , William “The Fridge”​ Perry , Russell Wilson , Spud Webb , Magic Johnson , Josh Hamilton , Joe Montana & more.

read more

TCR #72: Jack the Bear

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast with Adam Lowery. Guest Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz is an inspirational speaker, idk how many times gold and platinum master sound engineer, superhero to kids, cast member of TCR, Tribe of Change Warrior and my friend, rampages from the heart with me all the way from Australia the beautiful.

read more

TCR #71: BIG Mike “The Messenger”

The number one downloaded TCR Podcast to-date, Big Mike “The Messenger” returns to talk learning styles and languages, public speaking and reaching kids stuck and forgotten in our educational system.

Mike gets hit hard with emotion on this one- and so do I. #realmenshedtears for those without #CARE

read more

TCR #70: Danny Mac

Topics: “Sheeple” – Living in suburbia aka ” Pleasantville” – Incarceration and jail – random death – drugs – addiction – money and happiness – moving around a lot – Showtimes “Weeds” – What makes a good film – some GREAT MOVIES to watch – SPOILER ALERT Batman vs Superman (not one of them) – what does JOB mean to you? – Immortal Samurai graphic novel and Conquest comic book by Steve Stone

read more

TCR #69: Naudi Aguilar

Culture and Nature are the two most influential factors that shape who we are, and they also affect our health in the process. Our health is determined by how adaptable we are to our natural environment. The better the balanced we are with nature’s rules, the longer and stronger we live. New diseases and “disorders” have emerged into our lives in the recent decades and it has left people like me asking “where is all this crap coming from? – Naudi Aguilar

read more

TCR #68: Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon

Dr. Bahiyyah Maroon is an Amplifier, Speaker, Instructor and #SocialScientist currently at #RollinsCollege in #CentralFlorida. She holds her Ph.D in Social Science from The University of California Santa Cruz #UCSantaCruz. For over a decade, Dr. Maroon has researched what makes #individuals and #organizations attain optimal outcomes. As a strategic facilitator and #speaker , her work fuses #insights from the social sciences, #neuroscience , and life #poetry to provide organizations and individuals with the keys to optimal and #inspiring results.

read more

TCR #67: Time to Purge the Issues

We hoard education and knowledge, we eat our own and sacrifice our kids future for a system we have passively accepted to be dues that must be paid. That’s called #musterbation

– The #ToGoodForTheJob employee with no #professionalism or #gratitude for their now.
– #FreeCollege -what’s your argument?
– This country doesn’t really care about the #kids, it just sells. The macro look at the realities. STOP IT you politicians.
– Issues with….becoming a #counselor today; licensure BS and CE credits #moneygrab , supervision highjacking #eatingourown , the privileged #counselor , reactive #mentalhealth and medical processing systems, why not teach the kids?
– School requirement for iPhone
– A simple relationship tip to end this with love

Love you!

read more

TCR #66: Jill Wheeler

For more than two decades, Jill Wheeler has served to #inspire people to achieve their greatest potential. Whether it is out on the water or on top of a mountain, Wheeler’s Wellfit Institute combines life coaching with the power of nature. The result: Adventure Therapy. Wheeler strives to create transformational experiences for teens, women, individuals, groups and communities through adventure classes, #yoga workshops and retreats.

read more

TCR #65: Lance Ranzer

Visual effects Supervisor, 2 time Oscar award winner working on #TheWalkingDead – #GameofThrones, #TheAvengers – #TheHungerGames – #TheAmazingSpiderman – #PiratesoftheCaribbean – #Dexter – #Transformers and many other #movies and #TVshows the list is too long

read more

TCR #64: Jason Crabtree

Adam Lowery talks #ConspiracyTheories – #wakingup & shedding a concrete mind with “Awarewolve”, serial competence cultivator and entrepreneur…JASON CRABTREE

read more

TCR #63: Ronyai Hawkins

WARNING this is a NON ‪#‎politicallycorrect‬ conversation on ‪#‎race‬ ‪#‎culture‬‪#‎racism‬ ‪#‎multiculturalism‬ ‪#‎nationalism‬ ‪#‎assimilation‬ ‪#‎globalization‬‪#‎separation‬ even interracial dating. Remember the devil’s advocate will be played here for all sides. It has to be-to talk about the realities of many people’s mind sets in this very divided country. ‪#‎holdfast‬ ‪#‎staycalm‬ this ‪#‎cognitiverampage‬ covers the tough realities of racial divide in this country.

read more

TCR #62: DJ Kid Nemesis

International and South Beach Miami Resident DJ Kid Nemesis joins Adam Lowery Live on the Cognitive Rampage Podcast to talk about what the real life of a DJ entails.

read more

TCR #61: Ronnie Graham & Daniel McNamara

My Friend, Manager, Filmmaker (Red Tide and releasing soon Literature to Larceny , and co-producer of The Cognitive Rampage Podcast Daniel McNamara joins us in the Cognitive Cave. Our guest is Brooklyn NY Actor Ronald “Ronnie” Graham. He plays a powerful role in Danny’s film Literature to Larceny, but just recently…

read more

TCR #60: Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast welcomes Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, Author of Orgasm for Life – love, life, relationship and spiritual blogger at – She is an International Empowerment and Relationship Coach, a “dessert dancer”, warrior for love and those seeking it, missing it, lost it and experiencing it.

read more

TCR #59: Dr. Joan Collins

We are talking addiction recovery. Hold on tight. Are they just treating symptoms and keeping your sick-fat-depressed-and polluted? As you know this is one of my activist missions here at the TCR. We talk disease or not disease? Is addiction just a symptom of the biological reasons? Rehab return rates and recovery percentages. We talk current approach issues, holistic approaches, scientific research, statistics, stories and experiences. Dr. Joan Collins is on the same mission—TO SAVE LIVES! A revolution needs to happen in addiction treatment and she is helping pioneer the way. As always I left my cognitive rampage loose -once during the show, but as always the sign off cognitive rampage sums it up.

read more

TCR #58: Brett Richard

Brett Richard, x-personal trainer to the stars (Leonardo DiCaprio and more!) has begun his new journey. He has founded and begun a new life mission-one he hosts FitProjectRadio, for the other 98% of athletes. He also hosts ESPNradio Southwest Florida 99.3FM. We talk about what FitProjectRadio is, the reason, the vision and even his personal life philosophy. He share his attempt at a world record and how it changed his mission. Brent shares his Cognitive Rampage!

read more

TCR #57: My big Brother Davis “Big Bear” Lowery

“TCR #57- My BIG brother Davis “Big Bear” Lowery” on The Cognitive Rampage Podcast with Adam Lowery Released: feb 29 2016. My BIG Brother and I talk the outdoors and share some crazy hunting and fishing stories. Wait till you hear is Africa story, then my run in with a salt water crocodile while on a date in thigh deep water. This is not for the faint of heart.

read more

TCR #56: Lee Anduze

Host Adam Lowery sits down with Soul Vocalist, Musician and ole skl friend Lee Anduze to talk about his road to LA, his travels overseas and back to ignite his musical journey! From little island of St Croix Lee’s music and life has touched people across the world from Greece to Germany and back to LA and Orlando. We talk about his dark times, rebirth, the state of music today for artists, his life and creative philosophy, and what the future holds for Lee Anduze.

read more

TCR #55: Andrew Miranti

THE COGNITIVE RAMPAGE PODCAST #55: ANDREW MIRANTI The creator of AM Insights on Facebook (we talk how AM Isights has affected his life and others) – High Performance Trainer at TAP (Total... read more

TCR #54: Renee M. Gagnon

CEO of Cannabis Centre Inc (Canada). Founder and former CEO of Canada’s first five commercial mairijuana licenses. Inventor, Proud Supporter of Women Grow

read more

TCR #50: “Open Source Psychology”

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #50 – Adam Lowery – Making mental health masculine – Hey Alpha’s – Your are not depressed or an addict – Open Source Psychology – Dads Teach More – Parents Stop it-do this – Your kids and their Grandparents – The night my Papa passed – Some secret weapons – Florida Boy/Girl ‘s are different breeds – Love to the 10+ button on Netflix – Career Issues in Your Life – It is not about doing something great, it’s about… – I cover the guests coming up in February 2016.

read more

TCR #49: Paul Rodriquez

The Cognitive Rampage #49: Paul Rodriquez #Jujitsu Black Belt and #MMA Fighter and Coach out of American Top Team Orlando Paul Rodriquez speaks from experience inside the cage and life inside the sport of MMA. From the #UFC to Japan Paul has battled and trained the... read more

TCR #48: Adam Gates

The Cognitive Rampage #48: Adam Gates Author of Put This In Your Mouth: Love, Sex & Plants, and Put This In Your Mouth: Juice – He is the Founder of NakedHealthy blog and lifestyle (we talk about how all this came to be-after beating alcoholism-did marijuana... read more

TCR #47: Kevin Murray

The Cognitive Rampage #47: Kevin Murray Kevin Murray shares how he lives his Cognitive Rampage and so does his beautiful strong daughter Gia! Visit MI Float next time you are in Michigan. Dad... read more

TCR #46: The Relationship Killers

Before I explain what the killers are I go on a Cognitive Rampage pulling from my book that gets passionate. I tell you what the relationship killers are, how they may have sabotage your relationship(s) and your communication. I use two personal stories.

read more

TCR #45: Chris Fisher (Cameo by Jesse Kage)

The Cognitive Rampage #45: Chris Fisher (Cameo by Jesse Kage) Radio and Broadcast Master, Co-Host of the FnK Podcast and my On-Air Mentor Chris Fisher (the beardless guy) shares his story, philosophies, journey in radio and life. He is a radio vet who has left... read more

TCR #44: Daniel McNamara

Producer, Film-maker and my friend Daniel McNamara talks about his past film and the feature film he just wrapped up shooting in just 10 days. He reveals his passion for life, making movies and the people in the business. He shares some wild stories from our past, my old days, our old company and past projects.

read more

TCR #43 – Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz

The Cognitive Rampage #43 – Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz Legendary Master Sound Engineer, Motivational Speaker, My friend and Brother in arms starts off 2016.  We discuss his recent viral video when he discussed... read more

TCR #42: Competence Rampage

COMPETENCE COGNITIVE RAMPAGE AT THE END! BUT FIRST: Your athlete children and advice for being the parent of (two books your teen needs) – 12 things you didn’t know about David Bowie – El Chapo update – Government Weed: Gov admits finally admits weed kills cancer – New RoboCop Software determines your threat level – My Competence picks for January are in (one podcast, documentary, online series and one book)

read more

TCR #41: Beliefs Experiences Change

I look back one last time on 2015, reflect on past guests, my personal life during 2015 and reveal the essence of 2016 Cognitive Rampage Podcast, Book, Philosophy and Way of Life. Welcome back to the Rampage. I hope you are optimizing through life experiencing, seeking competence and joy in all of your life’s moments today by smiling in the optimistic hope of your reality. believing

read more

The Cognitive Rampage #36: Tony “Jack the bear” Mantz Tony returns to talk about his recent viral video; he was caught preaching to the young ones about making music a career path.  I love this guy. We also talk about his one on one... read more

The Cognitive Rampage Podcast #35: Dr. Scott Perlman

Cognitive Rampage Podcast Session35: Dr. Scott Perlman Enthusiastically changing minds and lives on the Cognitive Rampage Podcast. Dr, Scott Perlman is Brooklyn born and raised, passionate competence creator. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine utilizing herbal... read more

The Cognitive Rampage #34: Kris Bekemeyer

Cognitive Rampage Session 34: Kris Bekemeyer My friend, x teammate, solider holding the sword for those that cannot. Brave and direct about his life and helping others in the struggle of addiction. He drops his anonymity from NA (Narcotic Anonymous) to tell his story... read more

The Cognitive Rampage #33: Glen Marshall

Cognitive Rampage Session 33: Glen Marshall from The Addictive Podcast Adam Lowery sits and talks with Mr. Glen Marshall the Host of The Addictive Podcast on iTunes, addiction practitioner, mind opener of those unfamiliar with both ends of drugs, legal and illicit.... read more

The Cognitive Rampage #32: Chris Bell

Chris Bell Producer, Writer and Director of Bigger Stronger Faster, Trophy Kids and Releasing soon Prescription Thugs. That is what he does, but we talk about who he is, his life philosophies, what drives him today, and where he is in his life journey.

read more

TCR #31: More Issues

Kids fighting teachers, violence vs honor and principal, broken homes, help for kids, prison or jail seem to be it, rich hiding money why and where (tax loop holes could make college free), crushing homes for the homeless and arresting builders, Prescription Thugs Documentary and November MindFood Picks, Chris Bell, NT (, Lee Camp Redacted Tonight, RT America Network, Joe Rogan, Onnit, Dr Carl Hart, Dr Rhonda Patrick,

read more

TCR #30: Christina Cusack

Cognitive Rampage: Session 30 Christina Cusack Adam Lowery and Christina Cusack on the Cognitive Rampage. This Session, we talk about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is a potentially disabling disease of the brain, and spinal cord central nervous system). Florida Law,... read more

TCR #29: Chemical Incarceration

Cognitive Rampage S29 The Issues Adam Lowery breaks down THE ISSUES on this new weekly episode of the podcast. I cover articles and stories I find on social media that focus on our mission. THE ISSUES on this Session: Chemical Incarceration – the future –... read more

TCR #28: Jeremy Pound

Cognitive Rampage: Session 28 Jeremy Pound Juicy Results Adam Lowery sits down with the Entrepreneur and CEO of Juicy Results Mr. Jeremy Pound. Cognitive Rampage Session 28 we sit down with Jeremy Pound The Ceo of Juicy Results. Steve Stone joins the conversation... read more

TCR #27: Lee Camp

LEE CAMP: on the front lines fighting corruption and Manchurian news and media reporting with his show Redacted Tonight on the RTAmerica Network. He fights with unbiased truth, empathy and what I call activist comedy. Brilliantly targeted comedy to ease away the nations cognitive dissonance. I fucking love this guy!

read more

TCR #26: Andrew Miranti

Cognitive Rampage: Session 26 Andrew Miranti an Athlete Performance Enhancement Specialist at T.A.P. Total Athletic Performance in South FL. Training and teaching the youth of today to be future leaders. He competed in Warrior One and more. He trains top level... read more

TCR #25: Dr George Brooks

Cognitive Rampage: Session 25 Dr George Brooks talks in-depth with us about Medieval times Adam sits with Dr. Brooks and we learn about the struggles of dissecting the history of medieval times. With the lack of the written word you need to look to the margins to find... read more

TCR #24: Dr. Parker Mott and Cognitive Theories

Cognitive Rampage: Session 24 Dr. Parker Mott and Cognitive Theories Adam sits with his good friend Dr. Parker Mott Phycologist, Author, and theorist discuss Cognitive Theory the Theoretical applications , the types, and the birth of where they all came from. Put on... read more

TCR #23: Over Utilization of Medicine

Cognitive Rampage: Session 23 THE ISSUES: Over Utilization of Medicine and The Cost Issues Adam is joined on the issues by his wonderful wife Jennifer, who is an ARNP in Florida. From a magic pill society being enabled by doctors handing out prescriptions and testing... read more

TCR #22: Damiano Raveenthiran Ayahuasca

Cognitive Rampage: Session 22 Cognitive Rampage Talk Session: Guest Damiano Raveenthiran Adam Lowery sits with Psychonaut Journalist Damiano Raveenthiran out of Montreal, Ouebec talk about suicude, Ayahuasca, the journey, and expansion of conscience. Focus on the... read more

TCR #21: Corruption is Legal

THE ISSUES: Proof Corruption Is Legal In American: An Amazing Solution is under way. The video, and the graphs will shock you even though you know the Government is corrupted. We all hear and know about corruption, but why and how in America? Let me show you in this video

read more

TCR #19: Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz

Cognitive Rampage:Session 19 C.R. TALK SESSION: Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz Legendary Master Sound Engineer, Motivational Speaker, Host of Melbourne Real Podcast and my friend, coming out of Melbourne Australia.  Jack has mastered tracks for too many greats... read more

TCR #18: Gut Bacteria Linked to Depression

Cognitive Rampage: Session 18 The Issues: Gut bacteria linked to depression even autism Your gut is your second brain.  The wrong bacteria can lead to depression, but also treat it. C-sections may also increase the chance of autism and increase potential for... read more

TCR #16: Enforcing Beliefs

Cognitive Rampage: Session 16 ADAM’S RAMPAGE: Enforcing Beliefs by Judgement I take a micro issue of perception and connect it to a macro problem we face as a species.... read more

TCR #14: Dr Jan Burte and The Boys of Kodiak

Cognitive Rampage: Session 14 Boys of Kodiak, and Dr Jan Burte Adam Lowery sits down with Dr Jan Burte Sports Psychologist and the Boys of Kodiak, all the way from Kodiak Alaska. Go Bears! Support them through Go Fund Me HERE Treacherous Travel: the boys endured a 14... read more

TCR #13: Your Last Lecture

Cognitive Rampage: Session 13 JOURNAL: your last lecture… From the book the Last Lecture a powerful journey to be read.  What would be your last lecture?... read more

TCR #11: Julien Williams MMA

Cognitive Rampage: Session 11 Cognitive Rampage: Session 11 Adam Lowery speaks with special guest Pro MMA Fighter Julien Williams He tells a story about fighting in Russia in a “Kumite” scene right out of the 80’s movie Bloodsport-WTF! We also talk about how he came... read more

TCR #10: Why allow the B.S.

Cognitive Rampage: Session 10 ADAM’S RAMPAGE: why do we allow the B.S. ? We all do on some level. Humility. Maybe when we all can start to recognize our own BS, we will start doing more than just recognizing and bringing awareness to issues full of BS and... read more

TCR #9: Antibiotics in Meats

Cognitive Rampage: Session 9 THE ISSUES: Antibiotics in meat linked to palm oil = killing us, and orangutans What percent of sold antibiotics go in our meat? What are the side effects? FDA bullied by Congressional Representatives funded by big corporation since 1970... read more

TCR #8: The Boys of Kodiak

Cognitive Rampage: Session 8 The Boys of Kodiak Part 1: HeadCoach Maquire, Def. Cord Lowery, LB Jake Yavorsky Wait till you hear what these boys go through to play football. This is dedication.  They also need your help. read more

TCR #7: Stay or Go

stay or go? In love or not?
We tend to avoid the hard questions and keep ourselves spinning in circles due to fear of the truth that may incite change.

read more

TCR #6: New Treatments for Depression

TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – Micro Dosing with psilocybin/psychedelics – High Frequency Therapy. I also talking about influences that make up who you are, as well as some exciting future and science stuff. Even ways to help yourself using your mind, body and belief.

read more

TCR #5: Jon E Rotton & Rosa Perfetto

Cognitive Rampage: Session 5 Rose to Recovery: Adam speaks with Jon E Rotton and Rosa Perfetto A heart felt and Amazing story from the stage of Oprah and Barbara Walters to the impact that it still has today. Join us as we hear about this story of an Angel named Rose... read more

TCR #3: Big Pharma

Cognitive Rampage: Session 3 THE ISSUES: Big Pharma acts like the Cartels and Breaking Bad Like I said on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. “The dope boys have moved off the corner, put on white jackets and moved into psych facilities. They are fed from cartels... read more

TCR #2: Dr Mott and Erik Rittenberry

Cognitive Rampage: Session 2 Adam Lowery sits down with with Dr Parker Mott & Erik Rittenberry This session of the Cognitive Rampage we discuss the Joe Rogan Experience, and clear up some things. It gets deep, so grab your swim fins and dive on in.... read more
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