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Fusing the cognitive, behavioral, social and biological sciences into a book & podcast. Available on Amazon & iTunes

“Hello, my name is Adam Lowery…I hope you’re taking care of you, and living your Cognitive Rampage!”

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The Cognitive Rampage: A Scientific Approach to Self Discovery, Change and Life Optimization

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Who is this book for?

If you are living with depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, any other mental health issue OR if you simply enjoy deep self exploration, personal and lifestyle development this book is for you. You will customize the provided scientific framework with your dissected personal beliefs to more quickly create growth and sustain your change. You will use Your Cognitive Rampage approach throughout your entire life. These are not empty words of motivational spin. This book is a integrative scientific application you can apply on your own with NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS.

What is Transrational Structural Behavior Theory?

I founded this integrative approach after experiencing the disconnect between the fields of medicine, mental health, science and naturopathy. This book is the application of Transrational Structure Behavior Theory (TSBT). 

“Trans” is a prefix from the Latin “to transcend”. “TransRational” is to transition to a rational thinking process. This requires more than simple cognitive reframing, but deep belief extraction and thought examination. You will learn how to process your beliefs through a rational filter to control your feelings and change behavior. You will also learn how to modify your behavior to produce change more quickly and sustain it for life. TSBT combines a behavioral approach with the cognitive sciences while also recognizing social, environmental, biological and bio-mechanical influences. TSBT provides a strategy and tools cultivated from all the sciences.

What is included with the book?

The book includes a Personal Life Inventory, Life Philosophy Reveal Worksheet and a Rational Self Analysis Map. All of these are in the book and are available for download HERE, FREE KINDLE with print purchase.

“The Perfect guide to discover new ways to think about your beliefs and change your life!”

Dr. Jack Kruse

Neurosurgeon & Health Educator

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TCR Audiobook (2nd Ed. read by Adam) releases soon!

Read by Adam Lowery (because of this) there are ad-lib audio additions not printed in the 1st or 2nd printed or Kindle versions. He also leaves a very candid message to the listeners (not included in the print and Kindle versions).

“Reveal Your Cognitive Rampage and you won’t have to find purpose. Purpose will find you.” -Adam Lowery

I hope you’re taking care of you! Love you!”
Adam Lowery-52

"Athletes Depression" by Adam Lowery

My new book “Athletes Depression” COMING SOON!

What is Athletes Depression?

I experienced Athletes Depression for nearly a decade. After all, I am the theoretical mind behind the revelation of Athletes Depression. I believe this should be an actual diagnosis within the Diagnostic Statistic Manual of mental health disorders (the DSM). AD hosts a different etiology as compared to its main misdiagnoses (and most currently related) Bipolar, ADHD, Major Depressive Disorder and even Identity Dissociative Disorder. These are the most popular misdiagnoses related to Athletes Depression.

In short, being raised as a high performance athlete from childhood, and playing only as far as high school or college, especially professional, creates a 50-75% increase in the probability the athlete will experience severe symptomatic mental health issues. The manifestation of Athletes Depression contains a similar and unfortunate common etiology that leads to the popular misdiagnoses. Childhood athlete to adult athlete creates the individual to determine personal value by performance. A form of direct programming meant to develop a resistive consciousness and one who is less likely to ask for help. This naturally creates a cognitive dissonance toward any possibility of “perceived weakness”. In this sense I am categorizing the existing social stigma surrounding mental health. Meaning most athletes do not seek mental health help and choose to fight it on their own. Combined with the lengthy exposure to hyper vigilant environments and situations being linked to highly rewarding states, this begins to condition the body and mind to need, continue seek, and in many cases, cause the individual to consciously or unconsciously create hyper-vigilant environments and situations to return the body and mind to these rewarding states. Many times this manifests in very high risk situations, people and behavior. The bigger risk the better. A cycle begins to emerge. The hardworking, non fearing, non “weak” athlete fights for varying lengths and “wins”. It may even appear as if they are overworking, working perpetually or appear manic. Eventually the individual will “lose” for various reasons (lengthy explanation), generally based in emotional choices and reactions. This sets in a “we lost” mindset that can last weeks, months or even years. Due to value of self being taught to be measured in performance (behaviorally, cognitively and socially), depression and severe self judgement begins and can last lengthy periods of time. The vigilance to which the individual fights the depression many times begins with the first misdiagnosis of ADHD. This overtime combines with severe depressive episodes, and other symptomatic issues begin to emerge; addiction, violence and intense anger. Feelings and thoughts as far as self harm repeat. At first, second or even third assessment, overtime the criterium appears as if the Bipolar diagnosis is present. In reality the athlete is, has been and will continue to cycle this way due to “Athletes Depression”, NOT bipolar disorder and or ADHD. The manifestation and etiology of Athletes Depression has gone undetected and has indirectly caused countless misdiagnosis to spin athletes, and especially x athletes lives seemingly out of control. Leaving the individual with thoughts and feelings their mental health struggles are different than any therapist, and especially any partner, family member or boss can understand. The Athletes are left on the killing fields alone and depressed. Lost.

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Hello, my name is Adam Lowery. I hope you’re taking care of you and living your Cognitive Rampage! What does that mean? It is about cultivating happiness through a passionate pursuit of life optimization, an enthusiastically persistent search for competence in mind, body and belief while building an optimistically rational life philosophy and living and growing your purposeful structure.

The Cognitive Rampage hosts cerebral guests, offers mental health help and pushes you to question everything, including yourself. I fuse the cognitive, behavioral, social and biological sciences into a book & podcast. Available on Amazon & iTune.

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Cognitive Rampage #296: Core Beliefs

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